Zaya - Eating ice cream together

Anonymous requested: Zig in 13x26/Maya in 13x39

clewness asked: Zaya or Zoemund

Girls - A Zaya One-Shot


Author’s note: So this weekend I attended LouFest, an outdoor music festival. The throngs of teenagers in attendance (of course) got me thinking about whether Degrassi kids would attend summer music festivals together…which in turn got me thinking about cute scenarios involving my OTPs at a music festival. Yes, this is where my mind goes when I’m supposed to be out enjoying my own damned life. 

The following one-shot is a result of these musings, and is loosely inspired by the songs “Girls” and “Way Out” by The 1975. This takes place sometime in the gap between seasons 13 & 14 (so present time), and starts from Maya’s POV, but then shifts to Zig’s about half-way. And btw, I don’t own this show, or its characters, and so on and so forth… :-)

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✿ you scoundrel! - a playlist 

because the music producers of the show like to put these songs in zaya scenes that make me wanna believe they’re going to be canon someday, i figured that the other zaya shippers might be feeling the same way. 

so i have compiled a playlist of all the songs played in zaya scenes (along with annotations to state which scene it was played in with the episode said scene was in).

i’ll be updating it as we get new scenes with new songs, which is why i’m not listing the tracks here. if i have missed any songs you think i should include from any episodes, you can message this tumblr or my personal one.

- fari ☮

[ ♫ l i s t e n ♫ ]


That’s all I can think every time I see her face in this scene. 

NEW FIC: “Storm” (Oneshot)



ok so a lot of you have sent in requests and i just want to let u guys know that idk if i can do all of them. i know i already said yes to some of you but with school and my lack of creativity lately, idk if i can fulfill those requests after all.

i’m really sorry! i’ll try my best to do some of the new requests ive gotten but it just depends if a lightbulb goes off or not…

- fari